The Last Bookstore

View from the top

HI :) surprises around every corner.

There's a floor where the books are color coordinated!! Love it!
Book tunnel!

Crazy typewriter

This time last year I visited a book store guessed it The Last Bookstore in downtown LA and I completely feel in love with it. Especially now with not many old fashioned bookstores around. This is such a great place if you are a book lover. I mean they have shelves upon shelves of books and some cool art. I could literally spend hours there as there is more than one floor (:0) yea I know!! They have mini art galleries in there that you can buy art from, so its a great place even if you don't plan on getting books.

They even buy used/new books from you, how great is that! Maybe I'm just an overly excited book lover, who likes old fashion paper books but if you are in the LA area check this place out, I promise you will now be disappointed. Plus they have Christmas decorations lol. If you're interested I'll put their info down below.

The Last Bookstore
453 S Spring St – Ground Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90013
  Store Phone:  213-488-0599

Let me know down in the comments if you plan or have been to this awesome place. Or share any of your fav bookstore from your hometown, I would love to read about them or see pics :) Hope you all have a great weekend.



Outside of  It's A Small World
Some inside pics of the ride..So cute

Singing It's a Small World After All :)

HUGE Christmas Tree on Main Street

Sleeping Beauty's Castle all light up

Recently took a Disneyland trip with my sisters and cousin it was so much fun. I mean so doesn't have fun at Disney?! Thought I'd share with you some of my pics from that day. The park was all decorated for Christmas and was all very winter, wonderland looking, I loved it!! My favorite time to visit the park is when they get it all set up for Christmas, it just looks so magical :) anyways I'll stop rambling and let you all enjoy the pretty pics.

Who's gone to Disneyland recently? What's your fav part about he park? Which of you have yet to visit?
P.S. For those of you who celebrate, hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends, family, and good food :)


Tips and Tricks

Pic via Google

 Granted a lot of things I am about to mention on this post we all know how to do but here are some tips on how we can do them better and even some new tips on how to help you in the beauty dept.

1.Groom your brows
To keep them in place all day, rub on a bit of clear lip balm, then run a spoolie brush through them. Keeps them right in place.
2.Remove nail polish without the mess of color stains on your skin
Bold colors make for a gorgeous manicure but a hard time trying to clean-off to avoid this, hold a cotton pad soaked with polish remover on the nail, completely covering it, for 30 seconds. Press down firmly, then slide off the pad, swiping straight from the nail base to the tip.
3.Creasing eye shadow?
Don't you hate when this happen. It often happens when your lids get oily and then just becomes a mess.. Tip to avoid eye shadow creasing you say? Before you apply shadow, dab your lids with an oil-blotting sheet (any will do). Pat on some concealer, blot again, and you're primed and ready.
4.Curl your lashes
Instead of clamping the curler only at the base of your lashes, which bends them into a 90-degree angle, squeeze it at the roots then pump it out along the lashes at two to three more spots to form a soft, natural curve, add some mascara to your liking and ta-da va va voom lashes.
5.Go easy on the amount of shampoo you use
Too much of a clean thing can be bad, too much shampoo can leave shine-zapping residue and strip hair of its protective oils. When showering keep in mind you only need a nickel-size drop of shampoo for hair that's chin-length or shorter, and a quarter-size drop on long hair. Mix it with a bit of water, then massage it just on your scalp. When you rinse, the suds will run through and clean the strands.
6.De-tangle wet hair from the bottom up
Brushing from the roots down can snap strands and ultimately damage your hair, many hairstylists for the stars like Adir Abergel, likes to start with the bottom few inches of hair. Work through them with a wide-tooth comb, then gradually make your way up your head, combing just a few inches at a time.
7.Clean and Repeat
As we all know sometimes face wash often doesn't remove all your makeup, particularly foundation and concealer, so use a wipe first to get most of the makeup off and then wash it. Be sure to swipe it under your eyes and around your nose to make sure you remove makeup from these spots as often we forget and leave it there.
8.The smoothest shave
Steam helps soften skin and open up the hair follicles, so wait at least five minutes into your shower before you pick up a razor. Then lather on a moisturizing shave gell or whatever you prefer to use. If you haven't shaved in a few days, glide the razor first in the direction the hair grows to avoid irritation, then go over skin once more against the growth. Your legs will be as smooth as a babies bottom :)

Hope you all enjoyed these tips and find them helpful. Let me know if you try them or know of any other tips I can try.

Afternoon Rambles


It had been weeks since the last time she remembered what it felt like to walk outside and feel the sun on her face or feel the breeze blow through her hair. She looked through the half covered window and decided it was time. Maybe this was exactly what she needed to make her feel better, to make her feel alive again. She stepped outside past the door, past the chair her mother spent countless hours on telling her stories, past the porch that held so many family memories. As she stood on the edge of the porch she stared ahead, no emotion, thoughts, or feeling going through her. She closed her eyes took one short deep breath and stepped forward. She could start to feel the warmth all over her, a light breeze blew her hair away from her body. Immediately all the thoughts she had fought so hard to keep away rushed back in. This time no matter how hard she wanted to run away, forget everything, go back into the shelter of her own dark, cold, silenced room she stood in place. The warm sunlight on her face reminded her of her mother’s hugs. That same feeling she got when she had a bad day and just ran into her mother’s arms. The feeling of security, comfort, and Love. In that very instance she felt like her mother was once again by her side. Ironically the feeling of loneliness she had felt for the last couple of weeks suddenly felt so much bigger. A gaping, aching feeling formed in her chest. In that moment she knew her mother was gone, the moments they had shared together were gone. Her mother’s sweet nurturing voice telling her all was going to be okay was gone. The love that only a mother could give her daughter was gone. No matter what anyone told her, her mother was gone. With that, all she felt was a small tear roll down her check, and she would not be there to wipe it away and tell her all would be okay.

PS Sometimes my brain just will not shut down and I will write my thoughts down. Here's a little something I wrote down last night when I could not go to sleep. I am no way any kind of professional writer just something I love to do once in a while for fun :) Sometimes inspiration/ideas from such random things, in this case a convo a had with a random lady. Hope you all liked it.


Ways to keep you skin healthy in the Fall

Image Source: Fotolia © Mikhail Malyugin

Ok ladies, So even though we all(or not all) love this fall weather it can be a bit harsh on our skin. I thought I would post some of the things I do to try and keep my skin healthy and glowing in this cooler weather.

1. Moisturizing before bed.
During the night not only is it time for our body to get some rest but also for our skin. During sleep our skin rests and heals itself. Putting on a deep and hydrating moisturizer before you go to bed at night will help your skin wake up moisturized and glowing. Getting enough sleep is also important as it will help your skin look more rejuvenated and well rested.
2. Illuminating/dewy foundation
A quick way to get that dewy/glowy skin look is to go for a foundation that provides just that. switching over to a foundation that provides a lot more moisture tour skin will help give it that health glow. Skip the mate look and go for a more illuminating feel. A good one to try is Luminous Silk by Giorgio Armani. It does the trick.
Our skin is always producing new cells, so that means all the dead skin cells stay behind on the surface. Exfoliating at least once a week will help remove all that buildup and leave you skin looking newer and youthful. Now we don't want to be too harsh on our skin as that can do more damage than help. There are so many products or cleansers out there, its just a matter of finding the right one for you.
4. Multivitamins
Taking a few vitamins in the morning will help repair cell sin our bodies. Vitamins high in Vitamin A,C, and E help our skin. Vitamin A help with skin roughness and wrinkles. Vitamin C helps with rejuvenation and help firm our skin, and vitamin E helps protect against the damage sun can do to our skin.
Apart from exercising being just plain good for your health it also help nourish our skin cells and relieve stress. Sweating opens our pores which help get rid of toxins that cause those pesky little breakouts.
6. Drinking water
Last but not least, drinking plenty of water is one of the most important things you can do to your body and skin. Simple right! Dehydration is one of the main causes for skin to look dull and wrinkled. drinking about 8 glasses of water a day will help your skin stay healthy.


An afternoon out in downtown LA

So I recently spent a day out in downtown LA with a good friend. Despite the day having started with some rain it got clear after and it was such a nice day to just stroll around and do some shopping.  We started out by having some breakfast at Urth Caffe So good, they have the most delicious healthy food you can think of, that when you eat it your like THIS IS HEALTHY?! lol. If you haven't visited one of their locations I would definitely give it a try, Anyways after we caught up and talked for a bit we walked over to the little flea market that they have on weekends and just browsed around(ok we also did some shopping) all in all it was a nice spent day with a good friend relaxing and having some laughs.

What did you all do this weekend?

Late to the party

I wasn't really late to a party per say, but I am late on jumping on the bandwagon of some of these products. Its not like I haven't heard about these products before I have. I've seen other bloggers and youtubers rave about them but I just never got around to trying them until now. Boy was I happy I did. I don't really know what took me so long to try them if they kept getting mentioned on how awesome they were. So here I am writing a mini review for them so that you too don't arrive late for the party.

1.Macadamia Natural oil, Deep Repair Masque: This is just so amazing! I recently went ombre with my hair and as you know bleach on hair is not such a good idea. So when I was in the market for some help with hair repair, this one did the trick. After one use you can definitely feel and see the difference. This really is for anyone who wants to nourish their hair to a healthier state. Sure it might be a teeny tiny bit pricey but it is so worth it.

2.Rimmel London Wake Me Up Concealer: I was looking for a new under eye concealer since the one I'm currently using is about to run out. I heard about this brands foundation (which sadly is not available in the states yet :( but you can order online, I think) I saw their concealer and decided to give it a try. I really like it as it gives good coverage for those pesky dark circles plus it kinda makes you look a little more awake. It helps with Instant anti-fatigue effect with peptides and vitamin moisturising complex.Visibly reawakens and illuminates under the eyes, and completely conceals spots and other blemishes.

3.Maybeline Volum' Express The Rocket Waterproof Mascara : I've always had issues with mascaras since my eye lashes are stick straight and most mascaras weigh them down when I curl them but this one did not. It helps make them look fuller and longer which is always a plus. It is water proof so it might be a bit tricky to take off but nothing to hard with a little make up remover. All in all this mascara is great. It's very lengthening and stays on all day long.

4.The original Beauty Blender: Now I must admit when first heard about this I was a bit doubtful about all the rave reviews this itty bitty sponge was getting but  was wrong. Once I tried it with my foundation, it was love at first...use. lol It amazing how this sponge can make a world of difference in the appearance of you make up. It gives you everything from amazingly sheer coverage to a buildable full coverage, and it can be used it with primers, foundations, powders, cream blushes, and any other complexion product. If you haven't bought this little sucker I would def go out and do it now!

5. Airspun loose face powder: This powder not only provide good, flawless coverage it's also really inexpensive for the amount you get. The Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder contains tints that are spread throughout the powder and are designed to lay flat and evenly on your skin, providing you with a flawless finish. This translucent loose face powder can be used as a foundation or to set make-up in place as a finishing agent. Love it!

6.I'm really late on this. I tried it and ever since I have not used another thin on my brows. I just love how the color matches to your brows and the finish it gives them. They have many different shades to pick from. It stays on all day! I don't have to redo it at all! I love the convenient compact that it comes in, too! I have to try her brow pencil I have heard many great things about it too.

7. Evian Facial spray: Last but not least this facial spray. Evian supplies the vital moisture skin so desperately needs to look soft, supple, healthy, and young looking. Use it with complete confidence to rehydrate and deliver the perfect balance of minerals skin demands. For home or on the go. Love how you can use it to re fix your make up or simply refresh your face (especially on those summer scorching days, which is what I did. My face thanked me for it).

Let me know if you've tried any of these or recommend me trying some products you've tried. I love trying new products.

P.S. I am feeling a lot better. Thank you for the get well wishes. :) Hope you all are having a great Monday.


Under the weather

Hey guys,
I've seem to come down with a cold. I feel horrible. I had a post half way done but not entirely finished to go up today. By the time I get out of work, I just have no energy to get on the computer and be creative. I don't want to do a half job on the post so I will leave it until I feel better. Hopefully I will feel better soon and can have it up by the end of the weekend, but if you do not hear from me it's because I am trying to get better. Anyways hope you all have a great day. Stay healthy the cold/flu season is upon us.

Relaxing Sundays

A little snippet about me, sometimes I suffer for anxiety/nervousness (is that a word?) issues. Just recently I've noticed that these episodes started happening more often and they suck. I go through times where i just get really bad anxiety, I start to over think things way too much, worry, get nervous, want to cry, question so many things, all in all its just anxiety issues. So when I noticed or realized what this was because at first I thought it was just me overreacting, I had to learn how to deal with these kinds of days (which can be hard sometimes), and trust it's not easy. Anyways I'm not gonna go into a whole post about how I deal with anxiety or what helps me, maybe I'll save that fro another post where I can describe things in more detail for you guys.

Any-who the reason for this post was because I recently had one of those days and it was bad. I was at work when it started and those are just the worst because I feel like I can't really do much to calm myself down because, well I am working and can't have a mental breakdown lol. So me and my sisters decided to head down to a Botanical garden that's' close to home and that is just gorgeous. I mean apart from all the plants and art they have it's just peaceful. It really helped me clear my mind and feel at peace if you will. Putting my phone away and just taking in the sights and taking a few pictures was a wonderful way to spend the day.

They have wonderful cafes throughout the park with amazing views or one can simply sit on the grassy areas and eat or on the benches. They even have art houses as well. It's a massive park. All in all it's a beautiful place to visit to spend a relaxing afternoon with family, friends, and loved ones. Check out some of the pictures I took of my afternoon visit there. If you live around the LA area and you'd like to visit here is the website where you can find more info:

What kind of place do you like to visit to find some peace and quiet? Or what kind of things do you do to relax? Or simply let me know what you did this Sunday. :) Let me know in the comments. Hope this Monday is treating you all well.

Outfit of the day

This was today's outfit of the day. I was running late so I didn't have time to take pics of me with the outfit on, but hope you get an idea of what it looked like. Hope you all enjoyed your weekend. Top and Skirt are from Charlotte Russe, tights from Forever 21 and shoes are from a little boutique near me called Wild Diva Lounge.


Comfort Food Saturday

Hello Everyone,

On weekends I usually like to treat myself, especially for breakfast (it is the weekend after all). The next recipe is one of my favorites and it's very easy to do. It's a Grilled Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich (Yea, I just said that). To do this you start off by making a regular PB&J sandwich.

  • Bread
  • Peanut Butter
  • Jelly
  • Butter (optional) 
  • Milk
* You can always substitute any of these ingredients to whatever you like.

  1. Start by making your PB&J (jelly on one side and Peanut butter on the other, in case you didn't know :))
  2. Once that's done you put them together and add butter on the outer sides of the bread (again this is optional)
  3. Then you grill your sandwich. You can use any non-stick pan to do this. Grill until both sides are golden brown. 
And that's it! Easy! You plate it, eat it, and enjoy! I usually like to add some sort of fruit to my plate, along with some milk because you can't have a PB&J with it.

If you try this let me know down in the comments. Or let me know what you favorite weekend meal

It's starting to feel a lot like fall.

I should have taken a picture here, just like all the other little kids. :)

Falls here! Although it still feels like summer here. This has got to be my second favorite season, well it ties with summer. I love how it get cooler, time for all those warm meals and hot chocolates, warm fuzzy sweaters, movie nights in all warm and cozy. Ahhh I'm excited just writing about these things.

This afternoon we decided to visit a pumpkin patch, since it is that time of year and they're starting to pop up just about everywhere. It was a nice afternoon out with my sisters, just walking around looking at all the pumpkins and all the little kids running around excitedly looking for just the right pumpkin to take home (ah to be a little kid again).

We're thinking of carving some pumpkins, although with my drawing skills that might not go so well. Thank goodness for stencils! Anyways if we decide to carve some I'll post some pics for you guys, either here or on instagram, so keep an eye out for those.

Have you guys visited your neighborhood pumpkin patch yet? What do you like about fall?



Work Station

   Welcome to Where Beauty Meets Brains or WBMB for short :) I just wanted to have this 1st post (yay 1st post) be a mini intro into all the goodies that you'll be able to find on my new blog. I'm super excited to be sharing this blog and can't wait to fully get it going. On WBMB you'll be able to find post on things from fashion, make-up, places i've visited or want to visit in the future, books, music, movies, food/recipes, and how to work of said food (hehe) and everyday life adventures(or sweatpants, snacks, and Netflix kinda days, cuz I have a few of those) Anyways I'll stop rambling and hope you all will join me on this new blog journey and hope you enjoy all the info. Feel free to follow on twitter/Instagram/bloglovin where you can stay updated on this blog, or just stop by and say hi. Until the next post.