Afternoon Rambles


It had been weeks since the last time she remembered what it felt like to walk outside and feel the sun on her face or feel the breeze blow through her hair. She looked through the half covered window and decided it was time. Maybe this was exactly what she needed to make her feel better, to make her feel alive again. She stepped outside past the door, past the chair her mother spent countless hours on telling her stories, past the porch that held so many family memories. As she stood on the edge of the porch she stared ahead, no emotion, thoughts, or feeling going through her. She closed her eyes took one short deep breath and stepped forward. She could start to feel the warmth all over her, a light breeze blew her hair away from her body. Immediately all the thoughts she had fought so hard to keep away rushed back in. This time no matter how hard she wanted to run away, forget everything, go back into the shelter of her own dark, cold, silenced room she stood in place. The warm sunlight on her face reminded her of her mother’s hugs. That same feeling she got when she had a bad day and just ran into her mother’s arms. The feeling of security, comfort, and Love. In that very instance she felt like her mother was once again by her side. Ironically the feeling of loneliness she had felt for the last couple of weeks suddenly felt so much bigger. A gaping, aching feeling formed in her chest. In that moment she knew her mother was gone, the moments they had shared together were gone. Her mother’s sweet nurturing voice telling her all was going to be okay was gone. The love that only a mother could give her daughter was gone. No matter what anyone told her, her mother was gone. With that, all she felt was a small tear roll down her check, and she would not be there to wipe it away and tell her all would be okay.

PS Sometimes my brain just will not shut down and I will write my thoughts down. Here's a little something I wrote down last night when I could not go to sleep. I am no way any kind of professional writer just something I love to do once in a while for fun :) Sometimes inspiration/ideas from such random things, in this case a convo a had with a random lady. Hope you all liked it.


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