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 Granted a lot of things I am about to mention on this post we all know how to do but here are some tips on how we can do them better and even some new tips on how to help you in the beauty dept.

1.Groom your brows
To keep them in place all day, rub on a bit of clear lip balm, then run a spoolie brush through them. Keeps them right in place.
2.Remove nail polish without the mess of color stains on your skin
Bold colors make for a gorgeous manicure but a hard time trying to clean-off to avoid this, hold a cotton pad soaked with polish remover on the nail, completely covering it, for 30 seconds. Press down firmly, then slide off the pad, swiping straight from the nail base to the tip.
3.Creasing eye shadow?
Don't you hate when this happen. It often happens when your lids get oily and then just becomes a mess.. Tip to avoid eye shadow creasing you say? Before you apply shadow, dab your lids with an oil-blotting sheet (any will do). Pat on some concealer, blot again, and you're primed and ready.
4.Curl your lashes
Instead of clamping the curler only at the base of your lashes, which bends them into a 90-degree angle, squeeze it at the roots then pump it out along the lashes at two to three more spots to form a soft, natural curve, add some mascara to your liking and ta-da va va voom lashes.
5.Go easy on the amount of shampoo you use
Too much of a clean thing can be bad, too much shampoo can leave shine-zapping residue and strip hair of its protective oils. When showering keep in mind you only need a nickel-size drop of shampoo for hair that's chin-length or shorter, and a quarter-size drop on long hair. Mix it with a bit of water, then massage it just on your scalp. When you rinse, the suds will run through and clean the strands.
6.De-tangle wet hair from the bottom up
Brushing from the roots down can snap strands and ultimately damage your hair, many hairstylists for the stars like Adir Abergel, likes to start with the bottom few inches of hair. Work through them with a wide-tooth comb, then gradually make your way up your head, combing just a few inches at a time.
7.Clean and Repeat
As we all know sometimes face wash often doesn't remove all your makeup, particularly foundation and concealer, so use a wipe first to get most of the makeup off and then wash it. Be sure to swipe it under your eyes and around your nose to make sure you remove makeup from these spots as often we forget and leave it there.
8.The smoothest shave
Steam helps soften skin and open up the hair follicles, so wait at least five minutes into your shower before you pick up a razor. Then lather on a moisturizing shave gell or whatever you prefer to use. If you haven't shaved in a few days, glide the razor first in the direction the hair grows to avoid irritation, then go over skin once more against the growth. Your legs will be as smooth as a babies bottom :)

Hope you all enjoyed these tips and find them helpful. Let me know if you try them or know of any other tips I can try.

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