Work Station

   Welcome to Where Beauty Meets Brains or WBMB for short :) I just wanted to have this 1st post (yay 1st post) be a mini intro into all the goodies that you'll be able to find on my new blog. I'm super excited to be sharing this blog and can't wait to fully get it going. On WBMB you'll be able to find post on things from fashion, make-up, places i've visited or want to visit in the future, books, music, movies, food/recipes, and how to work of said food (hehe) and everyday life adventures(or sweatpants, snacks, and Netflix kinda days, cuz I have a few of those) Anyways I'll stop rambling and hope you all will join me on this new blog journey and hope you enjoy all the info. Feel free to follow on twitter/Instagram/bloglovin where you can stay updated on this blog, or just stop by and say hi. Until the next post.

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