Relaxing Sundays

A little snippet about me, sometimes I suffer for anxiety/nervousness (is that a word?) issues. Just recently I've noticed that these episodes started happening more often and they suck. I go through times where i just get really bad anxiety, I start to over think things way too much, worry, get nervous, want to cry, question so many things, all in all its just anxiety issues. So when I noticed or realized what this was because at first I thought it was just me overreacting, I had to learn how to deal with these kinds of days (which can be hard sometimes), and trust it's not easy. Anyways I'm not gonna go into a whole post about how I deal with anxiety or what helps me, maybe I'll save that fro another post where I can describe things in more detail for you guys.

Any-who the reason for this post was because I recently had one of those days and it was bad. I was at work when it started and those are just the worst because I feel like I can't really do much to calm myself down because, well I am working and can't have a mental breakdown lol. So me and my sisters decided to head down to a Botanical garden that's' close to home and that is just gorgeous. I mean apart from all the plants and art they have it's just peaceful. It really helped me clear my mind and feel at peace if you will. Putting my phone away and just taking in the sights and taking a few pictures was a wonderful way to spend the day.

They have wonderful cafes throughout the park with amazing views or one can simply sit on the grassy areas and eat or on the benches. They even have art houses as well. It's a massive park. All in all it's a beautiful place to visit to spend a relaxing afternoon with family, friends, and loved ones. Check out some of the pictures I took of my afternoon visit there. If you live around the LA area and you'd like to visit here is the website where you can find more info:

What kind of place do you like to visit to find some peace and quiet? Or what kind of things do you do to relax? Or simply let me know what you did this Sunday. :) Let me know in the comments. Hope this Monday is treating you all well.

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  1. Love those pictures.
    I too suffer with bad anxiety so I can relate to everything you said. I actually started my blog as a distraction because I am finding things very hard at the moment although I haven't wrote about it yet because I don;t feel like I can or I am not ready to. You are brave , keep plodding on . hear if you want to talk xox

  2. Thanks :). Crazy how this is an issue more common than what someone might think. I've found that writing is a distraction that helps, so glad it helps you too. I def have those moments when I feel like I need to talk with someone who can relate so thank you, I am hear as well. Have a good day.

  3. I suffer from anxiety too, this was a really great post!

  4. I never knew having anxiety was so common. I've struggled with it for a long time and it's nice to know I'm not alone:) Thanks for sharing.