It's starting to feel a lot like fall.

I should have taken a picture here, just like all the other little kids. :)

Falls here! Although it still feels like summer here. This has got to be my second favorite season, well it ties with summer. I love how it get cooler, time for all those warm meals and hot chocolates, warm fuzzy sweaters, movie nights in all warm and cozy. Ahhh I'm excited just writing about these things.

This afternoon we decided to visit a pumpkin patch, since it is that time of year and they're starting to pop up just about everywhere. It was a nice afternoon out with my sisters, just walking around looking at all the pumpkins and all the little kids running around excitedly looking for just the right pumpkin to take home (ah to be a little kid again).

We're thinking of carving some pumpkins, although with my drawing skills that might not go so well. Thank goodness for stencils! Anyways if we decide to carve some I'll post some pics for you guys, either here or on instagram, so keep an eye out for those.

Have you guys visited your neighborhood pumpkin patch yet? What do you like about fall?


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  1. I so wish that I was living somewhere where they celebrate Halloween. Here in Denmark we don't go trick or treating or anything :)

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    1. Ah well maybe you can have your own Halloween party with some friends or just enjoy this Fall weather (if you like it of course) :)

  2. pumpkinssssssssssssss.
    I LOVE this time of year, I so need to buy a pumpkin soon <3