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Hey guys!
Hope you all have been well. I know I have not been on here much but life sometimes tends to get in the way. Anyways this might be a different post than usual. Normally I post about advice but here I am seeking advice from you guys :) So usually I've been feeling like I'm in a career rut. Don't get me wrong I don't totally hate my job but I don't absolutely love what I do either. To be honest I think life is to short (I know you've prob heard this before but it's true)  to spend it doing things you do not love. I know nothing in life is perfect but settling for this that are okay just doesn't seem right.

I've thought about the idea of a new career for a bit now but I think it's time to actually act on it now. The problem is I do not know where to start. Do I go back to school, simply look for another job, keep positive and things will get better at my current job??? I just don't know. I'm not sure what I would go back to school for to be honest. I just want to have a career/job where I don't drag getting up in the morning and that I enjoy doing on a day to day basis.  I'm just sort of in limbo at this point and any ideas or suggestions that you think might help me out will be greatly appreciated.

Sorry about this random post but needed to vent out a bit and sort of get my head together on things.

Have any of you ever felt this way? If so what did you do about it? Let me know down below.


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